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The Profitability of
Solar for Multi-Family

Installing solar at your multi-family properties not only increases NOI and profitability, It also helps you qualify for tax incentives, attract lower loan rates, and makes your properties more appealing to tenants looking for lower electricity bills and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Increasing NOI & Profitability

Significantly increases the return on investment for multi-family buildings. It’s the ultimate game-changer you can’t afford to miss. New construction and existing properties.

Multi-Family Portfolio Approach

If you own 4 or more multi-family properties, you could be adding millions to your business bottom line. Let us show you the right approach for your solar investments.

Think Differently About Energy

Installing solar on your properties is the only way to stop spending money on electricity and to start earning money from it. Hit the free quote button to think different about energy.

New Construction (Builder)
Solar Installation Services

We are experts in helping Multi-Family owners / builders anywhere in the United States maximize the value of their properties by leveraging the full financial impact of solar.

Rooftop & Carport Systems

There are several solar design criteria that can impact the economics of a construction project. Optimizing the right design whether flat roof, sloped roof, carport or a combination – is essential to maximizing ROI.

Each design has its advantages and considerations, such as available space, structural integrity, and installation costs, which can impact the economics of the project. By making informed design decisions, these systems can achieve higher energy generation, increased ROI and improved economic viability.

Solar Design & Engineering

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals offers top-tier solar design and engineering services anywhere in the country.

From the blueprint stage to the final installation, our engineering services ensure everything falls perfectly into place, adhering strictly to safety standards and local regulations.

Excellent Investment

Multifamily developers can add EV charging as an amenity for their residents, and potentially leverage it as a long-term revenue stream.

Builders make a percentage of tenant parking areas “EV ready” to satisfy local codes or install a few Level II EV chargers in communal parking areas.

Embrace a more comprehensive plan for smart EV charging/billing to spread throughout the community. Champion Solar can help you identify what is best for you, based on your community.

Our Warranty

Champion Solar is a licensed Electrical Contractor and preferred Service Provider for Oncor Electric, the largest T&D Utility in the State of Texas. Each of our system installations are warrantied for a minimum of 5- year’s bumper to bumper from installation defects.

Our solar panels come with a 30-year production guarantee from the manufacturer which keeps your investment protected for the long term. We also provide 10-20-30 year inverter replacement warranties as part of our client services packages.

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